More Followers on Instagram - 8 gimmicks, tricks and successful techniques from practice for a growing Instagram community

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Currently all talking about Influencer, all talking about Instagram and everyone talking about the need to build as large a community. As with Twitter and Facebook it comes to find about as many friends for brands even when photo-Network.

In a wonderful Posting summarizes Melissa Megginson their most important tips to build together a an Instagram fan base. We have it filtered the eight best gimmicks, tricks and techniques.

1. Clear Instagram profile: In the beginning you have to know who you are. Megginson recommends beginning the own Instagram work exactly about to become clear how one wants to be perceived as one wants to represent himself and to publish what content at all and want to share. Recommends to the expert, that defines a single adjective for themselves. Future At this adjective need to measure the photo network all own postings. For a travel suppliers, for example, adjectives like "adventure" or would offer "relaxation".

This infographic shows more tips and tricks to get more followers on Instagram:

2. Hashtag Marketing:  With the proper hashtags can be customized with any photo new readers and friends for life. It is therefore crucial to define the right keywords and use. At this point, some manual work is already in demand, check what hashtags use their competitors or on which tags use Instagrammer that you emulate.

But there are also technical aids. Deals like ( ) help immensely in the search for the right keywords.

3. Instagram Buzz: Talk to users. Even with Instagram's communication two-way street. Commented or someone liked one of her paintings, you reciprocate by commenting or liken also with him.In addition, you actively approach others and follow them.

4. @Mentions other Instagrammern: Always, really always, if it makes sense to take the opportunity to put @mention.

5. Sharing of influencer posts. Also an effective method active the sympathy of others - mostly Influencer - to win it, to share their posts is here to tools like Repost ( repost-for-instagram / id570315854? mt = 8 help).

6. Photo and graphic design tools used : Of course it is a myth that the other brands and influencers always post pictures that have been edited exclusively with Instagram filters. Just the professional use of the images network it comes every now and then also about alsoposting right pretty graphics and designed graphics. It helps, for example, the powerful tool Canva ( ).

7. Linking of photos : link with also a myth is that you can put any links in Instagram. This is officially so. The only possible link out of the network, located in the Profile information The clever tools Soldsie ( ) however, it is possible to provide photos with links .

8. Instagram Influencer Power : Join forces. Together we are stronger. Pick Instagrammer with similar interests and similar topics, please contact bigger with joint actions their own sphere of activity.Instagram is a social network. The emphasis is on both social as well as to network.


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